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Loyal IT is a leading provider of managed IT services in central Texas, and has been since 2000. We can manage all of your networking, infrastructure, and computer service needs.

We aim to strengthen client relationships by earning your trust and providing your business operational excellence. Nowhere else in your business is trust in a partner more necessary than in your IT infrastructure. For our clients, an optimized network environment is paramount. It’s the foundation for systems, the backbone for communications, and the keeper of vital knowledge.

We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients… we are partners for a better future.

Services We Offer

Loyal IT provides a variety of security-centric technology solutions and serves businesses in every major city in Texas. We also support over 100 organizations ranging anywhere from 10 to 1,200 employees in size as their exclusive IT department.

Our specialty is in providing the highest availability and integrity of your systems while mitigating risk with our dynamic, multilayered security framework. Our team can support all of your IT endeavors, or we can augment your existing IT staff by helping them navigate through complex projects. In addition to providing our clients an around-the-clock service request portal, we also have an On Demand Support Team that is ready to help 24/7/365.

Managed Services

Delivering Consistent, Secure, and Reliable Service to Our Customers.

Security & Compliance

Easy, Effective, and Affordable Security Compliance Management.

Consulting Services

Expert Solutions for All Technology-Related Matters.

IT Infrastructure

Transforming Business Through Advanced, Proven Technology.

Our Support Team is Standing By

Loyal IT has been a leading provider of network and computer services in Texas since 2000. We take pride in the full-service approach we offer our clients, which is why our support team is always working hard to enhance your customer service experience and improve the way we help you conduct business.

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