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End User License Agreement: Twitter

“What you share on Twitter may be viewed all around the world instantly. You are what you Tweet!” The Basics You must be 13 years or older to use Twitter. You must provide basic information to sign up for an account. This includes: • name • email • phone number, etc. The only personal information that… Read More


End User License Agreements(EULA)

An End User License Agreement or EULA is a legal contract between you and a software/application publisher or creator. EULAs are the pop-up notifications that proceed being able to install or use a program. It’s the thing we all agree to without actually reading. But what are you actually agreeing to? In the past EULA’s… Read More

Prevent unauthorized data access, locked system.

3 Best Ways to Prevent Unauthorized Data Access

It’s paramount to prevent unauthorized data access on both personal and business systems. The information stored on these systems are often for only a select few to view and use. Exposing financial information, proprietary secrets, personnel data, etc. can be a costly mistake. Unauthorized users aren’t necessarily hackers (although that’s possible). They’re often a family member, friend, or employee… Read More

Keep your mobile devices secure.

Protect Your Mobile Devices from Data Theft

Mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.) are more than a means of communicating, working, and playing. They themselves hold sizable stores of information, but also serve as gatekeepers to more lucrative data, such as financial, medical, and other personal information. Their portability and diminutive size makes them more susceptible to loss and/or theft than a desktop.… Read More