While your keyboard and mouse aren’t the main stars in the daily performance your system provides, they are strong supporting actors and your system just wouldn’t work the same without them.

True, they’re easy to obtain and replace, but why spend more money when you don’t have to? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so take some simple steps to keep your mouse and keyboard in working condition.

How to Keep the Keyboard and Mouse Working:

When the System Goes Down

After power outages or unexpected shutdowns your USB Root hubs may glitch, or even stop working. To get them back up and running follow these steps:

  1. Go to the start menu at the bottom of your computer
  2. Find device manager
  3. Click on Universal Serial Bus Controllers and find USB Root hubs
  4. Right click and uninstall the device
  5. Reinstall the device

When All Else Fails

If your mouse or keyboard are not working and there have been no unexpected shutdowns, try these few things before replacing it:

  • Make sure it is still plugged in. Sometimes in the craziness of our day, cords become unplugged accidentally and it goes unnoticed until it no longer works.
  • For wireless devices, are the batteries still good? It’s easy to forget these things don’t last forever, so before replacing your mouse try changing the batteries.
  • Keep it clean- Food and drinks tend to be pretty messy; we get crumbs or drops of sticky liquids on our equipment, and small amounts every once in a while can lead to a big mess. This sticky stuff can cause your keys to lock up and stop working. Make sure to wipe down your mouse and keyboard every now and then. Keep a canister of compressed air on hand to blow dust and crumbs from your equipment as well.

These simple steps can help prevent unnecessary spending and trips to the office supply store. If  you opt to replace the mouse or keyboard and the new items still won’t work, the connection port may need troubleshooting. Loyal IT has technicians available around the clock to help with everyday system issues like these and more complex issues like server errors. Contact us to remove your technology obstacles today.