What does book publishing have to do with information technology?

Well… have you ever picked up a book that you just can’t put down?

You turned the first page at 7 PM and it’s only when you begin yawning that you notice the time- 3 AM?! How did that happen?! It didn’t happen by accident. Good books undergo a rigorous processing of editing, re-writing, and proofreading. This process happens multiple times to ensure that when you begin reading, there is no reason for you to stop. It’s designed to be seamless, effortless… perfect.

A good information technology team works the same way. Freed from the distractions and obstacles of a poorly configured and maintained network, you and your team are able to maximize productivity and workflow efficiency.


Books fraught with plot holes, misspelled words, and grammar mistakes create a jarring, disruptive user experience. Similarly, a poorly designed network creates an unproductive workplace with more stops than starts. Consider the frustration and downtime when no one can connect to the network or Internet, files can’t be accessed, backups won’t restore, and being able to print is a distant memory.

… versus serenity

Now consider the serenity when your network is fixed. When it all just works. Clearly this experience is preferable to the alternative.

Much like the work involved in the creation of a book, a properly functioning network infrastructure and work environment requires ceaseless tweaking of server and router configurations, permissions setting, driver updates, storage increases, and so on. When all of this happens behind the scenes, it’s easy to believe an IT team’s job is simple. Take them out of the picture and your bliss will end as quickly as Microsoft comes out with its next round of updates for your workstation or server. Now, where did you put that password? And which server was it again?

What about when your employee updates their operating system and that proprietary software your company relies on won’t work with it? Or you hire a new employee that will work remotely- do you have a remote desktop license to maintain compliance with Microsoft? How do you set up remote access in the terminal server again? Oh, if only you hadn’t gotten rid of your IT team! This would’ve been so much easier.

Don’t leave your company’s story to chance. Let us help you write the happily ever after you’ve been dreaming of. Loyal IT provides customized network solutions and managed service to ensure constant uptime and business continuity. We work behind the scenes upgrading, updating, and reconfiguring our clients’ environments to ensure fluid functionality, efficiency, and productivity. Contact us today for a network infrastructure analysis and free quote for all of your technology needs.