If your computer is showing the symptoms listed in the infographic above, your system may be dying. Every three to five years is a good time frame to consider purchasing a new system, or at least replacing outdated hardware.

The first option is to upgrade your system’s hard drive and increase the memory. However, depending on your current operating system version (32-bit vs. 64-bit), your computer may not be able to use the additional installed memory. When upgrades are no longer an option, consider a new laptop or desktop.  Note that third-party software vendors will have created newer editions of their product. These versions are likely to only work on the most current operating systems, with the newest processors while using larger amounts of memory.

Laptops and desktops fitted with the latest technology will provide an automatic increase in processing speed and productivity. Whether you’re looking for the right system for yourself or your entire staff, Loyal IT can help provide the right systems at the right price. Contact us for a free quote today.