Bloatware example; Programs and Features List

Business of Bloatware

You just got a new phone or computer, but there’s already an assortment of programs waiting for you on the main screen- half of them you’ve never heard of before. After all, how many programs do you need for pictures and music anyway? What you have is bloatware, but what exactly is it and why is… Read More

sensitive information definitions and laws

Defining Sensitive Information

Sensitive Information Sensitive information is information meant to be protected against unwarranted disclosure. It is vital this information be kept secure, since a number of laws and compliance standards mandate such protection. These laws were enacted to protect personal privacy and proprietary information. Sensitive Information includes all data, in any form, which contains: Customer record information Card… Read More

Signs of a Dying Computer

Signs of a Dying Computer

If your computer is showing the symptoms listed in the infographic above, your system may be dying. Every three to five years is a good time frame to consider purchasing a new system, or at least replacing outdated hardware. The first option is to upgrade your system’s hard drive and increase the memory. However, depending… Read More

Symptoms of an infected computer

Signs and Symptoms of an Infected Computer

Your System is Infected. What Now? Once you’ve determined your computer is infected, there isn’t a moment to lose in the fight to get rid of it. Run your antivirus program, and if you don’t have one, there are a number of free programs available. Avast, Avira, AVG and many more offer free versions directly… Read More

it network

How Publishing Relates To Information Technology

What does book publishing have to do with information technology? Well… have you ever picked up a book that you just can’t put down? You turned the first page at 7 PM and it’s only when you begin yawning that you notice the time- 3 AM?! How did that happen?! It didn’t happen by accident.… Read More

A server environment

What Is Managed IT Service?

Whether you own a small business or a larger company with multiple locations, information technology affects your productivity and revenue flow. From email and file storage to mobile accessibility and data security, businesses of all sizes need an IT solution allowing them to maximize their growth potential. Managed IT services can be tailored for your… Read More