Welcome to the YouTube installment in our “too long, didn’t read” series on end user license agreements (EULA). As is customary reading for all good global corporations, the terms of service and privacy policy is many pages long. Your eyes may gloss over just thinking about it, but fret not! We’ve read all that legalese for you and pared it down to the bare bones.

Why did we bother?

We help many companies and their employees maintain safe computing environments. We don’t want them (or you) landing in hot water or hurting your network from misusing a third-party vendor’s site. Staying signed into your YouTube account and walking away from your computer lets others do things in your name. As a consequence, you’re likely to find more than odd recommendations popping up on your account page. You may end up with an email or two from YouTube or its daddy Google about account misuse. Don’t let that happen to you. Read on to get your learn on.

YouTube Basics…

  • Individuals younger than 13 may not use YouTube services/accounts.
  • Any content you submit to is not guaranteed to be confidential.
  • You are responsible for any content you submit or publish on the service.
  • YouTube has the right to keep copies of deleted videos. They are not allowed to display or distribute them.
  • A YouTube or Google account is required to access some material and features.

It’s never their fault.

  • You’re responsible for anything that happens to your account, so keep it protected.
  • Think your account’s been breached? Tell YouTube.
  • They aren’t responsible for any losses you incur.
  • You’re liable for any losses they incur due to misuse of your account.
  • If a user repeatedly breaks the rules, they have the right to terminate the offender’s account.
  • They determine what constitutes an “inappropriate video.”
  • Among other things, videos are removed for:
    • copyright infringement
    • excessive video length
    • x-rated material

Ultimately, it’s easier to just skip making the account and simply enjoy the free features and videos. You’ll save yourself a lot of hassle and headache.